Press releases


  • In an unprecedented symbolic act senior cleric calls for religious co-existence in Iran
  • UN vote highlights human rights violations in Iran
  • Concern over persecution of Iranian Baha'is at UN Human Rights Council
  • Three Baha’is stabbed in Iran, apparently a religious hate crime


  • UN General Assembly again expresses “deep concern” over continuing human rights violations in Iran
  • Baha’i cemetery in Sanandaj, Iran, attacked and partly destroyed
  • UN calls on Iran to live up to its human rights promises
  • Baha'is in Iran told to leave town or face knife attacks after raids on 14 homes
  • New video documents Iranian government’s sponsored violence against its own Baha’i citizens
  • Despite promises, Iran continues to violate human rights, says UN report
  • President Rouhani's UN speech and the question of human rights in Iran
  • Murderers of Iranian Baha’i must be brought to justice, says Baha’i International Community
  • Iranian Baha’is face “widespread and entrenched” discrimination says UN Committee
  • Five Years Too Many
  • Increasing violence against Iranian Baha'is engineered by government


  • UN decries Iran’s "serious ongoing and recurring" human rights violations
  • UN vote registers “deep concern” over Iran human rights violations
  • Persecution intensifies as former Baha'i leaders mark anniversary behind bars


  • Grave concern for safety of Iran's imprisoned Baha'i leaders
  • Arsonists threaten reprisals if Baha'is befriend Muslims


  • Iran's human rights record condemned by United Nations
  • Baha'i International Community to Head of Iran's Judiciary
  • UN Secretary General voices concern over human rights abuses in Iran
  • Trial of seven Baha'is delayed, no new date set
  • Prison sentences for Iran's Baha'i leaders reportedly reduced to 10 years
  • Harsh sentences are a judgment against an entire religious community
  • Reports say Iran’s seven Baha’i leaders “sentenced”
  • Calls for Action as Iranian Baha'i Leader enter Third Year
  • Iran: End Persecution of Baha’is
  • Nations rally to defend human rights in Iran
  • Baha'is condemn lack of due process at trial in Iran
  • Statement of the Baha'i International Community in response to the trial of 16 individuals on 30 January 2010
  • World reacts to the trial of the seven Baha'i leaders
  • Trial of seven Baha'i leaders under way in Tehran
  • Baha'i International Community categorically rejects allegations that recently arrested Baha'is had weapons in their homes
  • Trial of seven Baha'i leaders in Iran looms


  • UN resolution on Iran sends powerful message on human rights
  • Trial of seven imprisoned Bahá’ís in Iran scheduled for 18 October
  • Secretary general of UN releases report criticizing human rights abuses in Iran
  • Trial of seven imprisoned Baha'i leaders postponed
  • Due process ignored as trial date is set for Iranian Baha'i prisoners
  • Trial for Bahá’í leaders reportedly delayed
  • Iranian Baha'is leaders’ may face new accusation on anniversary of imprisonment
  • Egyptian court removes final barrier to identity cards for Baha'is
  • Baha'i International Community sends open letter to Iran’s chief prosecutor
  • European Union expresses "deep concern" over seven Bahá’ís prisoners
  • Baha'i International Community response to open letter from Iranians apologizing for persecution
  • Baha'i International Community response to open letter from Iranians apologizing for persecution/Persian
  • Release of seven imprisoned Baha'is demanded
  • BIC deplores destruction of Khavaran cemetery
  • Six Bahá'ís arrested in Iran; one worked for Shirin Ebadi’s rights organizations


  • Baha'is call for the reopening of human rights center in Iran
  • UN General Assembly expresses “deep concern” about human rights in Iran
  • UN rejection of Iranian “no-action motion” is a victory for international human rights, says Baha'i International Community
  • Iranian government report confirms innocence of Shiraz Baha'is
  • Baha'is imprisoned in Yemen may face deportation to Iran
  • Iran Intensifies Disinformation and Attacks on Baha'is
  • Baha'is reject allegations of subversive activity in Iran
  • Nobel Laureates call for release of Iranian Bahá’í prisoners
  • Seven jailed Iranian Bahá’ís make brief contact with families
  • Iranian Baha'i leaders being held incommunicado; growing concern for their fate
  • BIC rejects Iranian allegations on recent arrests
  • Six Baha'i leaders arrested in Iran; pattern matches deadly sweeps of early 1980s


  • U.N. Committee Approves Resolution Expressing Concern over Human Rights Violations in Iran
  • Iranian government campaign against Baha'i’s shows new facets
  • Baha'i schoolchildren in Iran increasingly harassed and abused by school authorities
  • Iranian Baha'is face continuing discrimination in higher education
  • Baha'i girls to bring a message of equality -- and hope -- to United Nations meeting on women


  • United Nations expresses “serious concern” over human rights in Iran, including the situation of Baha'i’s
  • Iran steps up secret monitoring of Baha'is