Creating a video appeal in Paris

May 17, 2013

DSC_0238 alter group shot Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower was the backdrop for the Five Years Too Many campaign event on Sunday in Paris, which featured the creation of a video.

More than 100 people gathered in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris last Sunday to draw attention to the deteriorating human rights situation in Iran.

Among other activities, participants shot a video that emphasized the plight of the seven imprisoned Iranian Baha’is leaders, as part of the Five Years Too Many campaign. That video can be viewed by clicking here.

“The script of the video was written to respond to simple questions such as ‘What are the beliefs of the seven Baha’is?’ and ‘What do they do in Iran?’” said Sophie Menard, a spokesperson for the Baha’i community of France, which organized the event.

One of the more dramatic features of the event in Paris was a performance by a mime, who acted as he was trapped in a prison cell.

“The hope is to create a link between the reality of the Iranian prisoners and the person who is watching the video,” said Ms. Menard.

Ms. Menard said many photographs were also taken in front of the Eiffel Tower and the Wall of Peace at the Champs de Mars. Those photographs included images of children and youth showing their hands, with the campaign theme of “Five Years Too Many” written on their palms.

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