In Slovenia, religious affairs expert supports freedom for Iranian Baha’is

May 18, 2013


Members of the Baha’i community of Slovenia gathered in Prešeren Square in Ljubljana as part of the Five Years Too Many campaign.

Gregor Lesjak, the religious affairs expert and author of encyclopedia on religious communities in Slovenia, has signed a statement in support of religious freedom for Baha’is in Iran.

“I wholeheartedly support the endeavors of the Slovenian Baha’i community towards the realization of the human right to ‘freedom of conscience’ and in particular its concern for the realization of this right among their members in Iran,” said Dr. Lesjak.

His statement came as part of the Slovenian Baha’i community’s observance of the fifth anniversary of the imprisonment of the seven Iranian Baha’i leaders.

Also lending support was Tadeja Jere Lazanski, Vice-Rector at the University of Primorska in Slovenia. “I support the freedom of conscience and the campaign for the release of the seven leaders of the Baha’i community of Iran,” said Prof. Dr. Lazanski.

Members of the community also gathered for a photo session at Prešeren Square in the capital city of Ljubljana, holding a simple, hand-made sign with the campaign’s theme. A prayer meeting for the seven was also held, said Aleksandra Zibelnik Badii, spokesperson for the community.

The Slovenian Baha’is also used Facebook to reach more than 12,000 people with the message of the “Five Years Too Many” campaign.

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