Seven Days in Remembrance of Seven Years in Prison for the Seven Baha’i Leaders

On 14 May 2015, the Baha’i International Community will be coordinating a global campaign to commemorate the seventh anniversary of the arrest and imprisonment of the seven Iranian Baha’i leaders.

The campaign will run for seven days, from 14 through 20 May 2015. News of the campaign will be disseminated largely through social media, with this Facebook Event page as a rallying point. There is also a similar, parallel Facebook campaign page in Persian.

On each day, the focus will be on one of the seven, who continue to endure harsh conditions in two of Iran’s most notorious prisons.

Each individual will be commemorated on the following day:

14 May: Mahvash Sabet (Bio)

15 May: Fariba Kamalabadi (Bio)

16 May: Jamaloddin Khanjani (Bio)

17 May: Afif Naeimi (Bio)

18 May: Saeid Rezaie (Bio)

19 May: Behrouz Tavakkoli (Bio)

20 May: Vahid Tizfahm (Bio)

On 21 May, the campaign will be summarized and concluded.

The following materials provide further background information about their situation -- and the situation of Baha'i educators in prison, who will also be remembered during the campaign.