Human Rights
NEW YORK—1 July 2015The recent punitive closure of Baha’i-owned shops in four Iranian cities by the authorities, after the proprietors shut their . . . ►
Situation of Iranian Baha’is
Geneva—24 June 2015The recent closing of Baha’i-owned shops in several cities in Iran violates the economic and religious rights of Iranian Baha’i citizens, the Baha’i International Community said today . . . ►
Situation of Iranian Baha'is
Geneva—16 June 2015Tens of Baha'is' shops in the cities of Rafsanjan, Kerman, Sari and Hamadan have been sealed by government authorities in an effort to pressure Baha'is not to observe their religious . . . ►
Human Rights
Topic: Human Rights
GENEVA—27 March 2015In a clear rejection of Iran’s claim that the human rights situation in that country has improved, the UN Human Rights Council today . . . ►
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