New York—17 June 2015The draft outcome document, known as the Zero Draft, which governments are currently preparing for adoption in September, reflects much hard work by governments – and considerable . . . ►
Sustainable Development
Addis Ababa—15 July 2015To a large extent, the focus of the Third International Financing for Development Conference was on highly technical financial issues, such as “tax cooperation” and “multilateral . . . ►
Situation of Iranian Baha’is
NEW YORK—1 July 2015The recent punitive closure of Baha’i-owned shops in four Iranian cities by the authorities, after the proprietors shut their . . . ►
New York—23 July 2015Intergovernmental processes such as those shaping the Post-2015 development agenda often focus on policy concerns and global agenda-setting. But success in the realm of climate . . . ►
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