Sustainable Development
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia—6 July 2015The Third International Conference on Financing for Development (Ffd) should focus on measures to increase cooperation and unity, along with efforts to foster moral and . . . ►
Human Rights
NEW YORK—1 July 2015The recent punitive closure of Baha’i-owned shops in four Iranian cities by the authorities, after the proprietors shut their . . . ►
Situation of Iranian Baha’is
Geneva—24 June 2015The recent closing of Baha’i-owned shops in several cities in Iran violates the economic and religious rights of Iranian Baha’i citizens, the Baha’i International Community said today . . . ►
Social Development
New York—18 February 2015In a variety of ways during the 53rd Commission for Social Development, the Baha’i International Community suggested that social development can advance significantly only by . . . ►
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