Earth Summit

The community's role was significant in several ways:
  • In the preparatory meetings to UNCED, there was extensive Bahá'í interaction with governments; substantive statements were made to UNCED bodies; and Bahá'í representatives had frequent and productive high-level contacts with many delegates. The extent to which Bahá'í themes emerged in the final conference documents was highly gratifying.
  • At UNCED itself, nine Bahá'í delegates were accredited as NGO representatives and nine other Bahá'ís were members, usually as technical advisors, of government delegations.
  • The Bahá'í International Community was one of only thirteen NGOs invited to address the UNCED plenary itself. The Community's statement, titled "The Most Vital Challenge," stressed the importance of spiritual principles in bringing about the attitudinal changes necessary to promote sustainable development and was chosen to reflect the view of religious NGOs to the conference.
  • Bahá'ís also took a leading part in the Global Forum. The Bahá'í International Community in collaboration with the Bahá'í community of Brazil sponsored several major artistic events including the construction of a "Peace Monument" and the publication of a book of children's artwork on environmental themes. It also offered behind-the-scenes support for various Forum activities.