FfD: Global leaders urged to look to human relationships as a means to foster development

FfD: Global leaders urged to look to human relationships as a means to foster development

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia—6 July 2015

The Third International Conference on Financing for Development (Ffd) should focus on measures to increase cooperation and unity, along with efforts to foster moral and ethical values, as it considers new ways to promote global development, said the Baha’i International Community in a statement.

“It has been widely acknowledged in the drafts of the Addis Ababa Accord that financial resources on their own will not bring about a more equitable and peaceful global order,” said the statement.

“Intimately connected will be the integrity and stability of governing institutions and elected public officials, peaceful and cohesive societies, as well as a sense of agency and responsibility, which can bend human energies and talents toward the betterment of society. In brief, it is through the lens of human relationships—that bind us as individuals, communities, and nations—that we can understand the nature of imbalances and injustices holding back human development.” it continued.

The FfD Conference, scheduled 13-16 July, will bring together high-level political representatives, including Heads of State and Government, and Ministers of Finance, Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation, along with relevant institutional stakeholders, non-governmental organizations and business sector entities.  It aims to produce an intergovernmentally negotiated and agreed outcome, which is expected constitute an important contribution to and support the implementation of the post-2015 development agenda.

The BIC will also co-sponsor a side event during the Conference. Titled “Unlocking People’s Capacity as a Means of Implementation: the Human Face of Financing for Development,” the side event is scheduled to be held on Wednesday, 15 July 2015, at 3.30 - 6.00 pm, at the Hotel Elilly.

Co-sponsors and collaborators include SOS Children’s Villages, the UN Millennium Campaign, Soroptimist International, the International Disability Alliance, the International Disability and Development Consortium, and the NGO Committee on Financing for Development.