Addis Ababa Office

The Addis Ababa Office of the Baha'i International Community works in collaboration with governmental, intergovernmental, and non-governmental agencies operating on the African stage. Prominent among its efforts is participating in discourses that contribute to the well-being and progress of African populations. It seeks thereby to lend impetus to the advancement of world peace and the spiritual and material advancement of a global civilization.

The Office maintains strong ties with the African Union, which traces its roots to Addis Ababa in 1963. At the 50th anniversary of that founding, African leaders commissioned “Agenda 2063: The Africa We Want” and approved it in January 2015. This document paints a vivid picture of where Africans would like to see their continent in 50 years, and incorporates milestones to make that vision a reality.

It is in support of this and similar efforts that the Office undertakes its work. Five thematic areas are given particular attention: peace and security, the environment and climate change, inequalities between the materially rich and poor, the equality of men and women, and education for all. These are understood to be mutually reinforcing, and the Office seeks to explore with others the connections and relationships between them.

The Office is committed to all efforts that advance the prosperity, peace and security of Africa, including the realization of Agenda 2063. We support such objectives not only because the people of the continent benefit, but also because of our great confidence in the many contributions that Africa has to make to a prospering global community.


Solomon Belay

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