Situation of Iranian Baha’is
Geneva—19 March 2015
Iran’s limited and conditional acceptance of just two out of ten recommendations made by other governments about its ongoing persecution of Baha’is today suggests there will be
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Human Rights
GENEVA—13 March 2015Members of minority groups, including Baha’is, continue to face persecution and discrimination in Iran, despite promises by the government to the contrary, according to two high . . . ►
Social Development
New York—18 February 2015In a variety of ways during the 53rd Commission for Social Development, the Baha’i International Community suggested that social development can advance significantly only by . . . ►
Sustainable Development
Davos, Switzerland—22 January 2015From the Ebola crisis to climate change, from the rise of the Islamic State to the Sony hacking, we have been repeatedly reminded over the past year of how porous and . . . ►
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